Roof Maintenance Guidelines

All roofs require regular inspections and periodic maintenance to achieve their expected life. Roofs should be inspected at least twice yearly, in the spring and fall. Additionally, all roofs should be inspected after any severe weather or storms. The roofing contractor who installed the roof membrane, in conjunction with the building owner’s maintenance personnel, should perform these inspections.

Help protect your roof with an investment in a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Our qualified staff is always available to help year-round. QA Roofing can work with any type of roofing to provide short or long-term maintenance agreements to provide a safe working environment.  The goal is to prevent that problem from occurring rather than the issue of becoming an emergency.  Each maintenance program is customized to fit your needs. Maintenance programs include but are not limited to visual inspections, review of roofing conditions, upkeep, debris removal, and repairs.

Maintenance and Services

QA Roofing offers a variety of services and maintenance programs to optimize the life-cycle of your roof. Below is the list of services including, our maintenance programs:

Inspection and Assessment

  • Inspecting roofs, surveying, and assessing the roof properly.
  • Identifying all internal and external building factors affecting roof.
  • Providing detailed report
  • Recommending solutions with a variety of maintenance options.

Emergency Leak Reponse Programs

  • Emergency Response within 24 hours
  • Non-Emergency Response within 48 hours
  • Before and after pictures with detailed documentation
  • Recommending services for improved life performance of the roof.

Preventive Maintenance and Services

  • Cleaning roof drains, gutters, and peripheral roofing surfaces
  • Re-caulking metal flashings
  • Repairing parapet walls and membranes
  • Repairing drain covers, checking, and clamping them securely.

Storm Preparedness Services

  • Roofs need to be verified and checked properly for storm-ready conditions to minimize the damage.

Manufacturer Programs


  • Performing regular inspections and maintenance and keep records of this work.
  • Keeping guarantee in effect, one must repair any conditions in the building structure or roofing system that are not covered by this guarantee but that GAF concludes may be threatening the integrity of the GAF Roofing Materials. Any such repairs must be performed by a GAF-certified roofing contractor. Failure to make timely repairs may jeopardize guarantee coverage.
  • Making temporary repairs to minimize damage to the building or its contents in an emergency, at one’s sole expense. These repairs will not result in cancellation of the guarantee as long as they are reasonable and customary and do not result in permanent damage to the GAF Roofing Materials.
  • Removing equipment or material that impedes any inspection or repair at one’s expense so that GAF can perform inspections or repairs.

Garland's Dry Zone

  • Customizing web-based roof management programs providing inspection, evaluation, and work order details.
  • Documenting repairs, replacement, and renovations keeping in line with the budget in reports.
  • Cost estimates
  • Accessing data online with Real times updates.


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